Brief Encounter (1945)

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For my first posting, I felt it necessary to review a classic romance movie. The 1940s were the era of romance and Brief Encounter, starring Celia Johnson as Laura Jesson and Trevor Howard as Dr. Alec Harvey, was one of the highlights. Do not be turned away by the fact that this movie is a black and white, because the story is colourful, full of temptation and is a true classic!

The film centres around the life of a young british wife and mother named Laura. She was a happily married woman, or at least she thought that she was, until she met a man who would make her world turn upside down. She met Dr. Alec Harvey, who she thought had “a rather nice face,” in a brief encounter at a railway’s café. Their first interaction was no more then a minute, but that minute would change everything.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.45.50 PM (2)

Laura narrates most of the film, as she lustfully recounts her experiences with the doctor. Her sharp wit and her unfiltered thoughts will have you grinning and intrigued throughout the movie. If you are looking for a heart wrenching classic romance movie, this movie is a must see for you!

Photos retrieved from the film Brief Encounter.


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